A Dragon's Tale

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A Dragon's Tale

2 ratings

About the book

Dragons, knights, pain and action - A Dragon’s Tale introduces children to Osteopathy in a playful way.

When a knight finds himself down and in pain after failing to slay a fire breathing dragon a surprise encounter turns the tables and an unexpected hero emerges.

The story emphasises the importance of movement for regaining health. It also shows readers of all ages that collaboration often trumps individual feats of glory, that pain need not be feared and that showing empathy towards those who suffer is the way forward.

How is Osteopathy portrayed in the book?

The book was written to promote the benefits of Osteopathic treatment so Osteopathy is portrayed in a good light, of course. However, technique descriptions are kept to a minimum. They are only there to allow children to imagine how an Osteopath might treat. The Osteopathic focus lies on patient partnership, providing reassurance, goal setting and encouraging physical activity, ideally outdoors and together with other people. The story was inspired by the author's research on persistent pain and patient encounters with ex-rugby players who described having lost not only a favourite pastime but also their social life after failing to recover from an injury and then throwing in the towel.

What people are saying

Sorry I really didn’t like it, We loooooooooved it!!!!! I passed it on all around me already, read it to the children of course and passed it around the clinic and about to take it to the teacher of my reception and year 2 boy to read it in class and explain a little about Osteopathy... - Osteopath Gersende Langlume

The book deserves a 5 star rating, well done, it is good to see the pain experience and or approach to it being explained in a kid friendly way. - Osteopath Jackie Gowland

It [A Dragon’s Tale] is a wakeup call for humanity, for the peaceful co-existence of all creatures; seeing your fellow man, helping him when needed, selflessly. (translated from German) - Dr med. Sabine Stiete in Osteopathische Medizin.


The first edition was only 50 paper back copies,and it went very quickly. This updated second edition of A Dragon's Tale is only available as an ebook, at least for now. We chose the ebook format In order to allow you to read it today wherever you are in the world. There are two formats to choose from:

  • .pdf (most devices except kindle)
  • MOBI (kindle) 

Best of all you can pay as much or as little as you like. We think that the cost of a Venti Starbucks Latte in the UK, would be fair but you be the judge.  Just choose the right format and price at checkout and enjoy reading the story today.

About the Author

Tom Johnson is a registered Osteopath in the UK. As a student at Swansea University he felt that an osteopathic children’s book might help promote the benefits of Osteopathy. Tom’s father Jeff produced the illustrations in between a busy work schedule. 

The English manuscript for the first edition was translated by Noema Verlag and published in German in 2018. This second English language edition is more concise and takes on board feedback from many helpful colleagues across the UK. Tom and Jeff hope that you and your children enjoy reading this story.

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